Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Cleaning!

Last week, I started some good ole spring cleaning!

The cast of characters:

It took me a while.. it was my first ever spring cleaning experience.. 

The first cleaning task to tackle..

This is my sweet pup, Ace, and he was real excited about bathtime!  

You didn't really think I was going to bore you with the details of cleaning my house did you?


He's my sweet boy.. 

He really likes to play.. In this photo, he is performing his famous "fake-out" move. The fake-out consists of playfully attacking his owner, then totally stopping all of sudden and pretending to completely not pay attention.. He waits until the timing is perfect..

and then he goes in for the kill.. Josh normally has the upper hand, as you can see..  Things like that just sort of happen to a pup that is less than a foot tall.. 

I used to dress him in sweaters all the time when I first got him.. He was okay with that.. 

Now, however..

He is so not a fan.. 

I don't dress him up anymore, for the record.. I now realize that pups were meant to be naked.  It's just more natural that way.  This motorcycle jacket was a Christmas present to little Ace that he was extremely ungrateful for.  Being that it was a gift, and that I knew it would crack up our 4 year old niece, I put it on him..

It made me laugh, too..

Excuse my bad posture and pasty fair-skinned legs.
Oh, and just a little P.S...

I went to the store the other day and bought some SIXLETS.. aka.. my newest addiction..

I ate all of these on the way home.  and no, the store is not less than ten minutes from my house.. err.. okay, maybe it is.. 

Have a happy evening!

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