Monday, March 14, 2011

The time has come..

March 11, 2011 -- The day I met Pioneer Woman.

What started out as an ordinary day turned pretty stinkin' cool as I met the woman who inspired me to blog (even though it took me a long while to get started).  I was in group C, so I was relatively close to the beginning of the line.. I've never in my life seen a bookstore so crowded!  Hubs showed up while I was already in line and didn't want to fight hundreds of hormonal women, so he chilled in a chair reading a magazine until I was done.  Even on the outskirts, he said that his estrogen level was through the roof!
Silly Hubs..
We began lining up at 5:15ish.. I was a little late, due to traffic ordeals that I am entirely too dramatic about to post on here as of yet, so I didn't get there til 5:30.  Oh well, I was still close to the front (relatively).  I made some sweet "line-friends" that helped make the time go by faster.  They also unknowingly helped take my mind off of the fact that I was burning up and my feet were swelling like a pregnant woman (Bear in mind, I am NOT pregnant, so this was not a good thing).  We entertained ourselves by looking at pictures of ornately painted felines and talking about how we would surely become famous bloggers like PW one day.

"Line-friends" Julie and Lauren 

While waiting in line for days an hour or so, who would come traipsing by asking for the kid's section but Marlboro Man himself?! I tried to snap a quick photo, but being that my camera is dirt, I only got a picture of Lauren instead.. Oh well, you can see his outline.. sort of..

Marlboro Man and his youngsters.. kind of..
We rounded the corner, and there she was, looking sweet and lovely as ever..

We then discussed what we could say to such a person as PW.. Should we comment her auburn hair?  Ask about Charlie ?  Tell her that we were here on our first anniversary and left our husbands just so we could meet her and that we came all the way from Mississippi, no, not today, just here for the weekend, and that we just HAD to come meet her? (In case you're wondering, I DID NOT say that.. Okay, so maybe I did.. Shame overcomes me..)

PW and me
She was as sweet as she could possibly be.  I know if it were ME sitting in a hot, crowded bookstore, surrounded by hundreds of ogling women, I would not be too friendly, let alone sweet.  But she was.. and funny, even though I expected that.

Then, I came across Marlboro Man.. Being that I was hot and didn't want to stand in line for a real photo with him, and I snapped a quick stalker photo of him.

Marlboro Man
My impatience and wierdness gets even better.  Not only did I snap a stalker photo of MM, I also got one of his youngest youngster.. Yep..

Why do I do these things?

Anywho, the Pioneer Woman booksigning was even better than I thought it would be.  Not only did I meet one of my role models (okay, so maybe that's a little much..), I also made a couple of new friends.. and have blog followers!  I'm moving on up! =)

So long followers (all three of you)!  It's been a long weekend, and I have to return to the exciting world of banking in the morning! 


  1. YAY! Love the post and we were so glad to meet yall!!! ...and that pic of me looking at my camera totally just cracked me up. What you didnt tell them was that I was the freak that ran in front of MM and the kids and shot my camera up their nose in attempts of getting a quality picture. At least you stayed off to the side and remained relatively discreet :) Happy Anniversary! Your hubby wins points for getting you back for PW's signing!!

  2. So excited to see a rundown of the book signing! I'm so glad I got to meet you and Lauren...I love having new blog buddies :)

    And don't feel bad about being overcome with shame after introducing yourself...I was, too. How come we were so COOL before we walked up there and then turned into bumbling weirdos when it was our big moment??? Oh well, I like to think that Ree appreciates bumbling weirdos :)

  3. I like to think that Ree is probably a bumbling weirdo herself.. Whether it is true or not, it makes me feel better about myself! =)

  4. Hey! I was there at the Atlanta book signing too. I was amazed at how sweet Ree was (not that I was expecting anything less), but I know that if I was in her position, I would have a hard time sitting that long and signing all those books and meeting all those people! I was nervous as well, and as usual, my face turned bright red when I started talking to her. Darn you Scandinavian skin! Anyway, nice to meet you after the fact! I'm Joanna, btw. :-)