Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My brother is a daddy.

Today was a good day..

It started off with a doctor's appointment to check on my sweet Abby. We had our anatomy scan, where they check all of her organs and such and make sure everything is there and functioning properly.  Everything looked great, and Little Bit is estimated to weigh a whopping 14 ounces! Tomorrow, I will do my 20 week update.. I can't believe I'm halfway through already! It has gone by so quickly!

After the appointment, we headed to another hospital, where my brother and his wife had a sweet baby boy named Parker! He is so sweet.. On Monday, when she went to the doctor, he was estimated to weigh 10 lbs 5 oz., so they opted to do a c-section, due to the fact that he was so big.  When he got here, however, he was only 8 lbs 12 oz... He's got super chubby cheeks, and he only cries (so far) when he's hungry or when you mess with him. haha.. He just wants to be left alone..

Here are some pictures from the day!

Sweet baby

My older brother, Heath, and my grandpa

Proud daddy! My younger brother, Jesse

Jesse, Kassie, and Parker

Parker with him's Aunt Ashley!

In the delivery room

Hope you all have a great evening.. Be back tomorrow with a 20 week update! =)

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