Friday, August 24, 2012

20 weeks

How far along? 20 weeks
Total weight gain: down 1 lb.. I lost 6 lbs in the beginning, and maintained until this last month, in which I gained 5 lbs.. 6-5=1, so therefore, I am down 1 lb from pre-pregnancy weight.. lol
Maternity clothes? Several maternity bottoms and a few maternity shirts.. A lot of my normal shirts still work, so I'm sticking with as many of those as possible for now..
Stretch marks? none yet
Sleep: Blah.. Last night, I slept wonderfully, but every night for about a week before that.. Yeah right.. Getting to where it's uncomfortable to sleep on my back, and my arms and legs start to fall asleep on my sides, resulting in lots of tossing, turning, and very frustrated sighs, huffs, and puffs.
Best moment this week: This evening, as I was lying in the tub, I looked at my belly, and it JUMPED! It's done it several times since then.. She starts kicking, and I can SEE my belly move.. It's the weirdest thing.. haha

Movement: Oh man, yes! She moves a lot! I still don't really feel her when I'm moving around, but almost every time I get still, she goes CRAZY in there!
Food cravings: Blue gatorade.. Yesterday, I bought a huge bottle of it.. I'm talking, you have to use both hands to drink straight from the bottle.. Yeah, it's almost gone.. I've also really been craving sour cream and onion chips. This afternoon, I was searching frantically for some.. Turns out, Josh ate some and didn't close them back very well.. They got stale and he THREW THEM AWAY. I wanted to cry. =)
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not too bad anymore.. Smell still get me sometimes though.
Gender: Girl

Labor Signs: No
Symptoms: Hungry, hungry, hungry!!! and an ever-growing belly.
Belly Button in or out? in
Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy the majority of the time..
Looking forward to: When she kicks consistently enough that Josh can feel her.. He's tried to feel her, but as soon as he puts his hand on my belly, she stops.. Then she starts up again when he walks away.. I guess she's shy.. =)

Have a happy weekend!

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