Thursday, July 21, 2011

Big, brown flip flops

So I've been chillin' and doin' my thing for a month now.. It's time for me to decide what to do with my life!  I have a few ideas swirling around in my head.. I decided it's time to do a little research..  I went into town today to do just that.. I had on the cutest outfit.. Turquoise one shoulder ruffle top... zebra-print shorts.. my silver jeweled sandals.. I was ready.  

I had been driving for about 20 minutes and was just getting into town when for some reason I felt the need to look down at my feet.

This was taken after I get home for the sake of the story.  You get the idea.
When I went outside to put the dogs up before I left, because they were beside the door and easily accessible, I slipped on Josh's brown flip flops!  And I still had them on when I left! Ahh! The whole time I had been thinking I had on my cute silver sandals and I had these big, brown things on instead!  I made a mad dash to Shoe Station and bought these..

Cute, huh? And only 19.99!

After the shoe fiasco, I accomplished everything I wanted to get done! I even signed up for a cake decorating class at Hobby Lobby.  Super excited about that!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Aaa, how funny! I wish I could've seen you clomping around with your HUSBAND'S flip flops on :) Your new ones are cute! Be sure to let us know how your cake decorating class fun!


  2. PS---Love the new look of your blog!

  3. Thank you, ma'am!! Still a work in progress! =)

  4. too funny and totally something i would do!!