Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Birthday fun!

Since my love is officially 30 now, and all of his surprises have been revealed, I can now share about our fun few days!

His actual birthday was Wednesday.. He was supposed to be working out of town until Thursday, but he called me around 8:00 pm Wednesday night to tell me he was coming home and would be there around 11:00.  I was planning to make him some yummy cupcakes for when he got home Thursday, but I headed to the kitchen and whipped them up a day early.. 

I must say.. They were pretty good.

He came home to his cupcakes and his gift..

A new putter!

He loved it! 


For about a month, I have been planning a big surprise party for Josh's birthday.  It was supposed to be last weekend on April 29th, but his brother was scheduled to have major surgery the Thursday before, so I had to cancel it.  My cousin is graduating from college this coming Saturday on May 14th, and my aunt has been wanting to have her a big surprise party as well, so we had a combined shindig.. 

I'm HORRIBLE at not giving things away, so it was really difficult for me to pull this off successfully.. especially since it was going to be at our house!

Josh's friend, Rob, took him golfing that afternoon so I could get everything set up and decorated.  At 5:30, he arrived!

Then, as I was headed - with camera in hand - to shoo away our sweet neighbor dog so our sweet, psycho dogs would quit barking, Brittany showed up!

We had tons of food and TWO yummy cakes!

It was a great evening!  Everything turned out exactly like I wanted it to, and both of them seemed to have a good time!

And now, I will give you baby fever by showing you pictures of my best friend's insanely cute baby boy.

And one more, just because it makes me laugh..

Have a happy Tuesday!


  1. What a sweet wife you are! I bet Hubs felt so special with all that fuss over him :) I'm glad everything turned out just like you wanted.

    That sweet baby boy is ridiculously handsome! Ah, I love it. The last picture is my favorite...looks just like a little old man :)


  2. i love birthdays and it looks like he had a great one! so fun!!