Monday, April 18, 2011

Best ever taco soup!

I have tasted a lot of variations of taco soup.. some that I liked.. some that I didn't..

This one, dear friends, is the BEST.. I have to admit.. Sometimes I get a terrible hankering for taco soup, and this always hits the spot..

To begin, pour one can of Rotel tomatoes, one can of diced tomatoes (I use a garlic, basil, and oregano variation), one can mexicorn, and one can of black beans.  You can really add whatever beans you want.. We just happen to love black beans.. You can also add more or less of any of the other vegetables.

Now, add one packet of taco seasoning and, here's the kicker!, one packet of Ranch dressing mix.

Now, add 1 pound of browned ground beef.

Check out that steamage!

Next up.. 1 cup of water.

Now stir that bad boy!

Now serve it up with this:

Now, typically, I also add a little sour cream to the mix because, simply put, it increases the heavenly effect of the whole combination.  Unfortunately, I thought I had sour cream and didn't, so no sour cream this time.  It was a very sad night.  

In case you haven't had taco soup before, which I'm sure you have, you HAVE to crunch the chips up in the soup.. It's just not the same if you don't!



  1. Girl, this looks so GOOD!! I love that you put Ranch dressing mix in it. Ranch makes everything better :) This looks easy, too...will be making it soon. Thanks for sharing your world famous, best ever taco soup!


    PS--Look at you with your fancy step-by-step photos! Watch out, PW :)

  2. mmmm. i LOVE me some taco soup. it could quite possibly be one of my favorites and i will have to try your recipe!