Monday, March 14, 2011

Hotlanta.. Why do they call it that, anyway?

Well, Hubs and I finally made it back from our long anniversary weekend trip to Atlanta!  Due to the fact that my camera is a piece of junk and has horrible picture quality, I didn't take as many pictures as this blog post demands.. Therefore, you will have to use your lively imaginations to envision the nonexistent photos..

Day 1:  We didn't get to our hotel until approximately 1:30 in the a.m.. so we slept late - I'm talking lunchtime late. When we finally awoke from our slumber, we had lunch and headed to Borders.  Why did we head to Borders? To pick up my Pioneer Woman booksigning wristband of course!  They began passing them out at 2:00.  I was there at 2:20ish.. Score!  I made it into group C! (Insert mental image of silver Borders wristband with a C written on it with a black Sharpie).  I then purchased a Columbia jacket - on sale! - because I'm a goober and forgot mine at home.  

Hubs is obsessed with a big fan of Ole Miss so we headed on down to the Georgia Dome for the SEC basketball tournament.  We had bought the tickets before we went to Borders, and because Hubs thought we wouldn't have time to make it back, he decided to try to sell the tickets. Because he is a serious (do you sense my sarcasm?) sports fan, and he knows how to sell tickets, he commences walking towards the gate with two tickets held above his head.  We then, upon being notified that it is illegal to sell tickets within such-and-such feet of the Georgia Dome, barely escaped arrest (okay, so maybe that's a little exaggerated for effect).  A caring onlooker decided he would escort us to the gate to be sure we didn't try to sell the tickets. He then offered us $20 for the $90 tickets we had.  Josh told him to scram.

I left the game at halftime and drove back to Borders.  That was an ordeal.. I've never in my life driven in Atlanta, and I must say, it was quite the eye-opener.. Whew.. I finally made it with my life intact and met Pioneer Woman!  (Detailed post to follow)
Pioneer Woman and me at the book signing.
Then, we headed off to Dave & Buster's.  We experienced Dave & Buster's in New York on our honeymoon last year, so we decided we had to go again.  The food was okay.. The arcade was great!
I'm a pretty serious gamer.

Day 2: We went to a pizza workshop at the Viking Cooking School.. 3 words: ah-maz-ing!  Yes, I realize that isn't really three words, and yes, I know it's actually 3 syllables.. It was for effect, okay?  Anyway, we learned how to make pizza dough and pizza sauce from scratch, and let me just say, this not-so-Martha-Stewart can make some bangin' pizza!  (Insert mental image of whole wheat crust topped with divine sauce, spinach, pepperoni, chicken, feta cheese, mozzarella cheese, and fresh parsley) Doesn't that just make your mouth water?!  Then to top it off, I made a homemade dessert pizza.. 3 words (yes, three actual words): Oh. My. Gosh.  (Insert mental image of whole wheat crust topped with homemade almond cream, raspberry jam, white chocolate, and fresh raspberries)  Talk about a PARTY in your mouth!  Holy moly, was it good!

We had dinner that night at the Cheesecake Factory.  The food was awesome.  Enough said.  

Day 3: Our anniversary!  We slept late again.. Hey, we work.. It's tough, okay?  

Anyway, we went shopping, and then went to eat at Houston's that night.  (Insert mental image of Hubs in a nice gray pinstriped button up and black slacks and me in a super cute blue dress I bought earlier that day from Ann Taylor Loft - on sale! - and my awesome gold heels).  

Day 4: We came home. End of story..


  1. So glad yall had a fun weekend! Your pizzas do sound party-in-your-mouth delicious :) I would love to go to a workshop at a cooking school someday. Yay for a fun anniversary weekend, and I can't wait to read a detailed book signing post!

    PS--I'm glad yall didn't get arrested. I would've been a little scared of you if you'd shown up at the book signing in handcuffs :)

  2. I NEED a cooking workshop! I am a horrible cook! ha!