Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's a...

Yesterday was our gender scan.. Our original plan was to go to the doctor that morning and have a gender reveal for our family and closest friends that night.. Needless to say, I got ZERO sleep the night before, worrying myself to death that Baby would have his/her legs crossed and our party would have to be cancelled..

Baby cooperated though, and I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief when I heard the ultrasound tech say, "It's a girl!" I was grinning like crazy and immediately looked over at Josh, who was also grinning.. You see, this whole time, Josh wouldn't even discuss girl names because "It doesn't matter.. It's a boy." I just knew that he would be disappointed if the baby was a girl.. I, on the other hand, just had a feeling the whole time that it was a girl, and I WAS RIGHT! =)

After we left the doctor, we, along with our moms, went to eat lunch and then headed home.  We decided on the way to the doctor's office that if the baby was a girl that we would name her Abby.  While we were sitting at the red light in front of Hobby Lobby, a thought popped into my head.. Abby and Baby have the same letters.. I then made Josh pull in at Hobby Lobby and bought the letters to spell her name..

When we were setting up for the party, I set out the letters to spell Baby and then switched them after we cut the cake so that they spelled Abby.. Sneaky, sneaky! =) We ate first and then cut the cake to reveal a pink center! Everybody screamed and jumped around.. It was so fun!

We are so excited about our sweet Abby and can't wait for her to make her appearance in a few months!

This is just to make you smile! =)


  1. love little Abby already! congrats!

  2. So exciting! I love how yall chose to reveal the big news...and how you switched the letters around :) That cake is gorgeous! Congratulations, Ashley!