Monday, June 27, 2011

Challenge: Days 13-15

Due to the fact that we are leaving in an hour and 20 minutes to go to Destin, Florida for the rest of the week (super excited!!!!), I'm going to cheat and finish the challenge today.  My apologies, but I have a feeling I will be way too busy soaking up the sun to remember to blog.  I have a lot to catch you up on when we get back, though! Like I said in my day 12 post, I am very impatient.  Don't be like me.

3 ways to make me cry:

1. Say really mean, hateful things to me.
2. Be mean to an animal.  Not only will you make me cry, but you will also make me lose every ounce of respect I ever had for you.  And you will not get it back.  And I will go Criminal Minds on you and profile you as a serial killer-to-be.
3. Hurt me.

2 ways to win my heart:

1. Have an awesome sense of humor.
2. Love Jesus.

1 thing I want to say:

Just because it fits, doesn't mean you should wear it.

Now... I'm about to head off to get fried on the beach.  When I return (if I can move my arms), I will catch you up on this past weekend, which included a girls' weekend to a fancy hotel and a sweet baby dedication, and our vacation!

Have a good week!


  1. yay! i loved this challenge and am glad you kept up with it! happy beach trip!

  2. "Just because it fits doesn't mean you should wear it." So, so true. I wish we could rent a billboard and put that all over it! I hope yall have the best of times on the lovely Gulf Coast :) Can't wait to read all about it!