Sunday, June 26, 2011

Challenge: Day 11

5 good things about me:

1. I'm very laid back.
2. I have no problem going out in public with no makeup on and my hair thrown into a makeshift ponytail.  I still take pride in my appearance, but I'm not so consumed with pride that I can't let my hair loose (or go unbrushed) every now and then.  This is probably because of #1.
3. I love to do things for people to brighten their day.
4. When I love someone, be it my husband, family or friends, I love deeply and with all my heart.
5. I am extremely un-obnoxious.


  1. I hear ya on #2! I don't let myself out of the house looking like a hag, but as long as I'm clean and relatively put-together, I've got no problem being out and about without makeup. Sometimes it's just too much trouble! I tell myself a bare face is better for your skin, too :)

    I'm enjoying your challenge answers, Ashley!


  2. I'm glad you enjoy them, Julie! =)