Tuesday, April 26, 2011

First class = SUCCESS!!

Well, I'm about a week late in posting this.. I apologize.. I know all of you were just anxiously awaiting an update about my first Prims class.  Ha!

The class consisted of four sweet second graders, me, and my best friend Cheryl, who helped me out.  The lesson was about the 23rd Psalm.  After I finished the lesson, I asked the girls if they knew who their shepherd was.  One of the girls quickly answered, "Jesus!.... No... God!!!... Wait.. Which one is it? Jesus or God?!"  to which I replied, "Well, it's kind of both!" She didn't need me to explain.  I was grateful because I'm not sure I could have mastered explaining the Trinity to second graders during my first class.

My sweet little answerer.. haha

We made our little lambs to remind us that we are just as special to God as the lost sheep was to the shepherd.

All in all, it went very well!  The girls kept us laughing most of the evening.. My favorite conversation went a little like this:

Cheryl:  Today I was in Walmart, and a little girl came and asked me where she could get a JUSTIN BIEBER shirt!
2 of the girls: Ewwwwww!!!!! Grosssssss!!!!!!!!!
Girl: I can't stand Justin Bieber.. I have to listen to him all the time because my sister plays her music so loud!
Me: Well... you just don't like anything do you???? 
Girl:  Well I don't like JUSTIN BIEBER, that's for sure!!!

We then talked about staph infection, which I was amazed that they knew about, and I learned a song called "Black and Yellow."  Apparently, when the Steelers went to the Super Bowl, someone made a song for them.

The things you learn from second graders!

Tomorrow night, we will be learning how to pray!


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  2. I just LOVE that you're leading this class. What a difference you're going to make to these sweet little ladies! You need to write down all the funny things you hear them say. I do that with my students, and it's always fun to go back through and read their quotes and quips :) Praying that God will continue to lead you as you lead them!