Monday, March 28, 2011

Fly away! Fly away, bird!

Earlier this evening, I was upstairs about to wash my face when I heard this:

"Watch out! A bird is about to fly upstairs!"

What? That's not something you hear everyday..

I hesitantly walked out to see said bird.  I walked into the kitchen, and there it was.

Excuse the dirty dish.. Sometimes you have to photograph funny happenings before cleaning the kitchen.
Apparently, the flu (sp?) on our chimney was open.  Oops..

He was a booger to get out of there.. He flew ALL over the bottom floor..

and then he made his way upstairs.  After attempting to guide him out of the house with a broom and trying to grab him with some gripper thing that Josh got playing Dirty Santa this past Christmas (don't you love those dumb gifts you think you'll never use but then you really do??), he made his way to the bathtub upstairs.  Josh finally trapped him between two buckets (more gifts we thought we'd never use) and set him free.  

He gave me instructions:

"Now, open the door.  Wait until I am fully outside, and then close the door."

I opened the door, waited until he was fully outside, and closed the door.  Then, I heard this:

"Fly away! Fly away, bird!"

and I chuckled.. or maybe downright laughed.

Then we had to console our pup, who was freaked out by the whole situation.

"So.. I'm really not a fan of unfamiliar creatures infringing on my territory, mom."

I pretty much laughed until my stomach hurts.. Oh, the joys of marrying your best friend!

Have a happy evening!


  1. oh my goodness! that is hysterical...though I am glad it happened to you and not me. i once had birds outside swoop at me and i have been scared since! glad you got the little guy out!

  2. How funny! Well, I'm with's funny as long as it didn't happen to me :) What a thrilling way to wrap up your evening. What's on the schedule for tonight? ;)